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the price of cheaper dog food image"Super Premium" dog foods - sounds expensive?

"Super Premium" & "Ultra Premium" are words used by pet food industry to describe pet foods that are of better quality and they as such are in a higher price bracket.

I can't afford expensive dog food!
This is the common objection to feeding the higher quality dog foods that are available.

However, it does not matter what the cost of the bag is, it is the daily feeding costs that is important. You're probably thinking that these are related. Well, yes, but you also need to factor in the daily feeding amounts.

Only once you have worked out the daily feeding costs, you can compare the value of different dog foods.

Due to the higher digestibility levels in super premium dog foods, they tend to have smaller feeding amounts as they are nutritionally denser. To put it in layman terms, you need to feed a lot more poor quality dog food to get the necessary nutrition for your dog.

And of course the more "lesser digestible" food you put in one end, must, how do I put this... uhm.. well the more that goes = the more that comes out!

When you consider the poor ingredients used and the daily feeding cost...

One last thing to think about, when deciding which food to feed your dog is to "think ingredients first". Not all the more expensive dog foods are better dog foods. Sometimes a dog food is expensive as the company has a large marketing budget or possibly because they have cornered a niche market such as "veterinary recommended pet foods".

So... the 2 most important things to consider are:

  • Quality of ingredients
  • The daily feeding cost